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Again,thanks for your interest!

Doug R,
at EVi-Songs

In any case, the tools needed to work in the visual realm have certainly arrived with the challenge of how to use these tools well. One way I havefound (more to be explored) is telling a ‘life story’. It so happens when my mother was in her last year I started assembling old photos of her and our family and gathering other information in the interest of making a movie of her life. She died rather suddenly of a heart attack, but I was far enough along that with burning the midnight oil I was able to finish. Instead of the usual eulogy at the funeral,

we played the video and it was great. She was a soprano soloist in her day and one of the finest I’ve heard I think. To be able to weave some of her songs in with her life storymade for the best possible presentation of her life. We have shown this video at family reunions and the younger children watch with interest. So this a great way to preserve the legacy of those who have passed or will soon pass on.

Since the video has personal information, we’re not putting it ‘out there’

for all to see. But if anyone is interested, they can email us, and we’ll

get back with info to access the video. If afterwards, someone is interested

in making a video for their loved one, we should talk.

To view our most recent video about Chinese students in America (made

for China Outreach Ministries), watch it on YouTube: go to COM movie

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