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Featuring the Steiner EVI


To see EVi-Songs in action, click here for the video page:

EVi-Songs FAQ

2. What is an EVI?

The EVI is the centerpiece of EVi-Songs, making it all possible.

The EVI is an electronic instrument with the amazing ability to sound like

a variety of common instruments.

This means greater musical possibilities and variety all from one instrument.

To read more about this unique instrument, go to the EVI page: the EVI page

With EVi-Songs, all of these moods are available from one source, making possible

the best music for any given moment. Of course, having this from one musical resource would require a full orchestra with a rhythm section (guitar, bass drums, etc.) which most people can’t afford. However, with the EVi-Songs approach, we can achieve the sound  of a large musical group and/or very different kinds of music groups without the price tag or logistical problems.

From elegance and majesty to quiet and sensitive moments, EVi-Songs performs just the right music for most special events.

3. How do you do this technology?

The EVI is played live just as you’d have with any other musical group.

The backgrounds are played by the computer which offers a great range of possibilities.

Where appropriate and possible, EVi-Songs uses actual (recorded) acoustic instruments

to create our accompaniments. Beyond that, we use current available technology to

produce the most musical results possible. Using both those methods, we have acquired

a large library of songs to appropriate for a variety of musical situations.

Interested? Check out the EVi-Songs video, then listen to some examples on

the on the CD page or Events page.

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