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Trumpet player and inventor Nyle Steiner invented the EVI, which was first sold in 1975, produced and marketed by his small company Steiner-Parker. Shortly after, Nyle introduced his brainchild to music studios in L.A., which led to a career playing the EVI in studios producing movie soundtracks and television shows.

The EVI was manufactured and sold by the Akai company in the mid 80s, but later dropped due to insufficient sales. However, the EWI (electronic woodwind instrument) has continued to be produced by Akai, which currently offers 2 models of the EWI – the 4000s and the EWI USB. Both of these models offer EVI fingerings as an option, thanks to the advocacy of Matt and Patchman Music, so that  people who want to play wind controllers using brass fingerings can do so on the EWI models. Beyond that, the current MIDI EVI as seen on the FAQ page, is hand-made by Nyle Steiner, and they are difficult to acquire. See Patchman Music for more information.

When we heard an Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) for the first time in 1987, it was played by inventor Nyle Steiner. At that time, digital synthesizer technology was relatively new, but the ability to play various sounds using one technique on a single instrument was well demonstrated by Nyle, a master on the instrument, who was making his living playing the EVI in the studios of L.A.

It was love at first sight and we soon bought an EVI and began applying our instrumental experience in a whole new, electronic way. As we pursued music based on our orchestral background and experience, there were many questions. Could the EVI produce a credible clarinet sound? How about trumpet, flugelhorn, tuba, or trombone?

In the early days, there was serious time spent in sound editing, but 20 years later, excellent sounds are easily purchased (see Patchman Music). And playing a variety of instrumental sounds a musician enjoys from one instrument is a reality.

If playing various sounds is desirable, then playing in a variety of musical ensembles via technology is ideal. What's it like to play tenor sax in a jazz band? Or lead trumpet? How about soloing with strings and an orchestra? Or just playing the solo sound of another instrument with piano accompaniment? It's all possible and incredible to experience.
Play any sound you want in any group you want - of various sizes, in various styles.

This CD on the next page grew out of the idea to play various known instrument sounds, called emulation. It includes Classical solos written for these instruments played by the best sounds available to us. In other cases, non-emulative synthesized sounds are featured not attempting to duplicate an acoustic instrument.

The songs on the CD represent a wide variety of ensembles, from harpsichord and bassoon or 'cello, to piano, to chamber orchestra, brass quintet, jazz solo with rhythm to full jazz band. A variety of technologies were used in the various tunes, from Garritan Personal Orchestra, to manipulating sound files in Steinberg's Wavelab. Thus, the CD explores the wind synthesizer, the EVI, and its possibilities in the midst of various playing environments. It seems the possibilities are quite endless.
Our story and the EVI
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Akai EVI 1000 and EWV 2000
Akai EWI 4000S
Wind Controllers:

Steiner MIDI EVI
Akai EWI 4000S


Yamaha VL70m
Roland JV1010
Digital Music Corp MX8
Boss MX10 mixer

Mackie SRM150 speaker

General Nanosystems H2234
General Nanosystems H4130


Cubase Artist
Finale ‘12
Garritan Personal Orch

The Tools:

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