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About Our Purpose

The purpose for EVi-Songs has included taking a relatively new instrument whose sound is electronically generated and computer-controlled, and understand how to utilize this new technology in our ongoing, ever-evolving musical environment. With the abundance of play along options, whether via MIDI, software programs like SmartMusic, or even DJ technology, it is possible to have many musical experiences in a variety of styles. Add to that an instrument with the ability to make any sound imagineable, and you have staggering creative possibilities. At that point, the challenge becomes how to create some boundaries so as to guide our creative pursuit and process. We believe this website shows some of some practical possibilities, offering new and budding wind controller players some ideas on how to pursue their instrument, as well as show listeners how to experience some of their musical interests in a practical way.

About Us

Playing the EVI and EWI are wonderful and fun musical experiences.

DR grew up in a musical family, energized by a soprano singing, enthusiastic Mom. He majored in trombone performance and music education in college, and by graduation time was an active professional, playing with the Classical orchestras and other major venues in town.  His first job out of college was teaching at a new and budding college, which continued for the next decade and a half, along with performance. After that, he pursued MIDI and music technology, teaching and performing in that environment. Eventually, he became a clinician for Makemusic, Inc. championing a breakthrough technology product to teachers and music businesses. In recent days, he has focused on worship, American music and culture, and music as spiritual formation, and has pioneered a new genre of song – for more information, see music-Word Link. Writing songs at this juncture reflects his training (Ph.D in music theory/composition) and interest in composition. At this phase of life, Doug enjoys most the creation of the ultimate Creator and pursues that course, along with his wife of 29 years.

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